Some unplanned issues reared their ugly heads, but we’re committed to getting accessibility right.

Man with his head in his hand, staring at a laptop
We’re making progress in labeling everything in VoiceOver right…

Be yourself in easy conversations

As we build out the next generation of social audio, we want to hear all our users’ voices

It’s just as important to articulate what we’re not, as much as figuring our what we are.

Lounge creation screen from Dabel 2.0

“I just want to talk to somebody, anybody.” That’s where Dabel started.

Why Not Everybody Feels Heard

Dabel will launch the invite-only beta test of its brand new platform on April 26th.

Voice social apps are changing the game.

Message Board Improvements, Unique Usernames, and Community Safety

Naming Changes

Message Board Responses

To help improve user safety and community health, we will be requiring unique usernames.

This month, user safety and the new Message Board were our main focus.

Message Board

Doki Doki announces a campaign to grow open voice social network, while maintaining community safety and content standards.

Dabel CEO Takahito Iguchi talking about how audio social network Dabel is evolving

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